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Are you here to know how to Update your NPI registry? Are you looking for the easy and secure methods to update your NPI register?

You would be happy to know that you are looking at the correct screen. We will be going to provide you the best ways to update the NPI registry.

You will very soon get your NPI registry updated. 

Why Updating Is Important?

Most of the users just ignore the updating process and do not take it as a serious matter. But we would like to clear you one thing that updating is a very important process that must have to proceed.

Updating is like renewing your home. If you will not renew your home then it will start getting damp and old. The same is with the Updating process.

For NPI providers it’s important that your NPI is up to date to ensure accurate and transparent reporting. If you will not update the NPI registry then the record will not be updated. From time to time proper up-gradation you need to update your registry.

Can You Update NPI Registry On Our Own?

Of course yes. Updating the NPI registry is quite an easy task and there is nothing hard in it. All you have to do is to just properly follow the below-mentioned instructions step by step. Make sure to not skip any of the steps to do quick updating.

Look Here For How To Update The NPI Registry…

Now, we will share the steps with you to update the NPI registry quickly and easily. Are you ready to do it? Are you fully confident? Great, this is exactly what you need. Just have a look below.

  • First, visit the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System {Also known as NPPES website}.
  • Click on the link for NPI.

NOTE: If you have not been assigned an NPI then click on the apply online for an NPI link and follow the instructions.

  • Click on the login link and enter your User ID and Password.
  • After logging into the system you will be directed to the welcome page. Listing your name and NPI.
  • Click on the view/modifying NPI data.

Choose the prefix section and one by one update all of them and just tap on the submit button and there you go.

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