The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique credentials number for medical services providers, including the two organizations and individuals. The NPI is a 10 digit numeric identifier that permits researchers to distinguish a single provider. The NPIs are decoded in the RIF’s data and encrypted in the LDS information.

So as to get a NPI, a provider must be a medical care supplier as characterized under HIPAA. A “covered entity” is characterized as a medical services provider, clearinghouse or health plan who conducts standard electronic transactions. The Final Rule for NPI requires a “covered entity” medical care provider to get a NPI. These “covered entities” must utilize the guidelines when performing any of the characterized transactions covered under HIPAA.

Specialists are regularly concerned by a source that gives them a list of all Medicare proficient suppliers. A full list of all suppliers with a National Provider Identifier (NPI), the two associations and people, can be found in the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). Data in the NPPES can be accessed through a questionable database called the NPI Registry or as a downloadable file (regularly referred to as the “NPI Downloadable File”).

The NPI Downloadable File offers directions to opening the file, just as links to code values, a readme archive, and a file header. Similarly there is a different link for the genuine information file. The file is extended and can’t be opened in Microsoft Excel.

The document is updated weekly and monthly and each refreshed record contains the most current data from NPPES. Historical downloadable files are not preserved. NPPES medical services provider information that are disclosable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are delivered. Subtleties on the factors included can be found by visiting the links above.

The NPI Registry and downloadable data file are accessible at the NPPES site. Links to the Registry and the NPPES data file have been added to the “Provider Information” menu for fast access from the site. The Registry and the downloadable NPPES information document permit you to search for providers’ NPI numbers. Prescribers’ and referring doctors’ NPI numbers are essential for electronic billing.

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